KCR Vs E.Rajendar

Telangana Rashtra Samithi, KCR Vs E.Rajendar

KCR Vs E.Rajendar: The state government has ordered an inquiry into allegations of land grabbing by E.Rajendar, who has been an important leader in the Telangana Rashtra Samithi party since the formation and has been a minister since the formation of Telangana. His immediate dismissal from the cabinet was rumored. However, his immediate duty is now being hotly debated politically across Telangana.

It seems that Huzurabad MLA Rajender, who was sacked from the ministry, is preparing to fight against the Telangana Rashtra Samithi. The developments taking place in the center of Huzurabad answer yes. It seems that he has come to the decision to fight against the ruling party, which he has been negotiating with his close associates for a few days. While a majority of public representatives from the Huzurabad constituency have already expressed support for him, former Karimnagar District Parishad chairman Uma and former Nizamabad MLA Ravinder Reddy have also expressed solidarity with the former Health Minister.

On the other hand, leaders of other parties are also joking. Already the Congress and the BJP are inviting him. However, According to reliable sources, E.Rajendar is planning to form his own party without joining any party. It is learned that his followers and friends who took part in the Telangana movement along with him also suggested that he should form his own party and fight against the government. It is noteworthy that for the first time in this context, the E.Rajendar group released a song denouncing the TRS party, government policies, and the attitude of the leaders.

Manukota Prasad wrote the song and Rambabu sang it. The attitude of the government officials towards E. Rajendar is flawed and flagged melodically. In this song, which goes on to say, “We are tired of being used for necessity. That voice cannot withstand the siren. You too can make a heart-burning deception.”

On the other hand, E. Rajender is preparing to explain the allegations against him as part of proving his strength. He is expected to hold a huge public meeting in Huzurabad with the slogan of fighting for self-respect to unite his followers. It is learned that he intends to launch a separate campaign against the TRS. It seems that the party is planning to announce its designation as an MLA from the same platform.

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