Chief Minister KCR clarified about lockdown in Telangana

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KCR clarified about lockdown in the state

KCR clarified about lockdown in the state:

Chief Minister KCR has clarified the news which is spreading in people about lockdown. He told people not to worry and that he would not allow lockdown in the state under any circumstances. CM KCR responded to remarks made by CLP leader Bhatti Vikramarka in the house that theaters, business, and commercial complexes should be closed in the state due to rising corona cases.  CM KCR said that it could have the possibility of spreading from schools. He said the closure of educational institutions was only temporary. “No one needs to worry that the corona is not so severe in Telangana,” said CM KCR.

Speaking on the occasion, KCR said that they had suffered a lot financially with the lockdown last year. The whole world is horrified by the corona. It was made clear that there would be no closure of industries. The CM suggested that family gatherings should be celebrated with a few guests. We are taking all measures to control the corona. He said that we get our portion in vaccine doses. He said 70,000 corona tests were performed in a single day yesterday.

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