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Karate Player Hariom Shukla, Chaiwala to support his family

Karate Player Hariom Shukla incarnates Chaiwala to support his family:

Presented the country with medals to be proud of. He won more than 60 medals before the age of five. World champion in karate and however, it is coming to a close. Karate Player Hariom Shukla from Uttar Pradesh incarnates Chaiwala to support his family. He is currently selling tea by the roadside in Mathura.

Shukla, who is world-famous for smashing rivals with sharp punches, has today become a small dealer on the roadside to support his family. He has won medals in many competitions held in the country and abroad.

At the age of six, Hariom Shukla mastered karate. By the time he was 23, he had won more than 60 medals. In 2013, he won a gold medal for India at the Judo Karate World Championships in Thailand. However, his financial woes began with the lack of government assistance. The prize money won in the tournament is also gone.

In the same order, the number of times he said government for a job but they haven’t replied yet. Financial difficulties arise as it becomes harder to support a family day by day. With this, he taught karate lessons to the school students for a few days. So, because of the corona, he runs a tea stall in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, unable to do anything with the closure of all schools.

Shukla used to teach karate lessons to school children till before the lockdown. He is currently living as Chaiwala. He is voicing that he runs a tea stall under mandatory conditions as no children attend classes due to the corona. Even though he has completed his graduation at the moment, he says that he does not even have the money to get the certificate. The government is yet to respond, and he is asking for a job in the players’ quota.

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