Cobra Jawan Rakeshwar Singh released from Maoist prison

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Jawan Rakeshwar Singh released, was worried about

Jawan Rakeshwar Singh released: Cobra Jawan Rakeshwar Singh released, he was abducted by Maoists during a Maoist ambush in the Sukma Bijapur area of Chattisgad on April 2, has been released from Maoist custody. For five days everyone was worried about what would happen in the case of Rakeshwar Singh.

Rakeshwar Singh’s family was worried about him and many others appeal for his release Several Maoists, including his family members, have appealed for Rakeshwar Singh’s release. His daughter cried and pleaded with the Naxals’ uncles to release her father the video went viral. In addition, the Forum Against Repression in Telangana, led by Professor and human rights activist G Hargopal, called for the release of Commando Rakeshwar Singh Manhas, who was held hostage by the Maoists.

The Maoists wanted to send a mediator and wrote a letter saying that the police were not their enemies. A photo of Jawan Rakeshwar Singh was also released saying he was safe. However, His family members took to the road to express their concern over Rakeshwar’s well-being. He expressed impatience that the government was acting recklessly.

Rakeshwar Singh released by Maoists confirmed Chattisgad IG Tribal activist Soni Sori went to the Bijapur area today in an attempt to appeal for Rakeshwar’s release even though the government has not officially appointed any mediator today. The Chattisgad IG confirmed that Rakeshwar Singh, who had been in Maoist custody for five days, had finally been released. It is learned that Rakeshwar Singh was dropped off by the Maoists within the Terram police station and Jawan Rakeshwar Singh will join the battalion shortly.

Rakeshwar Singh, a commando with the 210th Cobra Battalion, was captured by Maoists on April 2 in the Sukma-Bijapur area of ​​Chattisgad. The hunt for him has continued ever since. Also, the center prepared the sector for the uprising of Maoists. The center could not digest the death of 24 soldiers in the biggest lightning strike by Maoists. However, Rakeshwar Singh, who was being held captive by the Maoists, Everyone felt relief with his release. More information on this is yet to be known.

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