Israeli airstrikes on Gaza once again

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Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza once again: Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire.

Less than a month before the Palestinian-Israeli ceasefire agreement was reached, Israel once again launched airstrikes on Gaza. It is alleged that the Palestinians dropped the balloons into southern Israel. The Israeli military said in a statement on Wednesday that it had carried out airstrikes to this extent. Hamas has made it clear that it has attacked the compound and is ready to face the consequences in the coming days. Sputnik Media reports that Israeli missile strikes on Gaza City, the city of Khan Younis.

For 11 days last month, there was a clash between Hamas militants in Palestine and the Israeli army. The two factions fired rockets at each other. According to the Ministry of Health, 253 Palestinians were killed, including 66 children, while a boy, including a soldier, was killed in Israel. A ceasefire agreement was reached between Israel and Gaza on May 21 amid intense international pressure. It is in this context that the shadows of war between the two factions once again appear.

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