Apple iOS 15 comes with these models

Apple iOS 15

Apple iOS 15 comes with these models: Apple’s new operating system.

Several updates have been revealed at the Worldwide Developers Conference that Apple fans have been waiting for from time to time. The developers have revealed the new operating system as well as the upcoming new features on the Apple platform.

6S‌ and then to models

A key announcement has been made regarding Apple’s new operating system iOS 15. Apple 6S will provide an iOS 15 update for later models. This new OS is not available for previous models. The new iOS update will be available for the larger models of Apple 7, Apple 8, Apple X, Apple XR, iPhone 11, iPhone XE, and iPhone 12. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

New Features‌

The video call feature will soon be available to have a real-time experience under the name FaceTime. Care is being taken to make voice cancellation even better in the existing application. Developers have created new software to make the Message experience even more effective. Messaging stuff like photos, videos, etc. is going to be much easier. In addition to these, new features like Notifications, Contact Photo, Photo Editing, and DND are also available.

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