Do you know the theme of this year’s International Olympic Day?

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International Olympic Day is celebrated

The theme of this year’s International Olympic Day? Modern Olympic Games.

International Olympic Day is celebrated every year on June 23. We celebrate International Olympic Day on the same day that the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894. Its main goal is to spread the sport around the world. Also, the International Olympic Committee is strongly spreading the message that sports are a part of our lives.

The Olympic Games began in 776 BC. However, these were discontinued in 393 AD. Pierre de Coubertin of France is the host of the modern Olympic Games. He founded the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894 and was instrumental in getting the Olympic Games to begin again in Athens in 1896.

History of International Olympic Day

In 1947, Dr. Gross, a member of the IOC in Czechoslovakia, presented a report at the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee. It states that there should be a special day to celebrate Olympic Day around the world. In 1948, the International Olympic Committee decided to hold June 23 as International Olympic Day in Sorbonne, Paris. It is celebrated every year on June 23 as International Day. The first Olympic Day was celebrated in 1948. This special day has played a vital role in promoting the Olympic Games as well as getting more people involved in these competitions.

It’s importance:

International Olympic Games Day is organized to bring more people from around the world to the Olympic Games, as well as to attract more people, regardless of gender or age. In particular, the National Olympic Committees strive to involve everyone in the Games, regardless of social background or sporting ability, based on the three principles of “move or Stir”, “Find out or learn”, and “explore or discover”.

In some countries, the program is included as a syllabus at the school level. Many NOCs are hosting a number of events around the world as part of Olympic Day. Recently NOC has also held meetings with leading athletes for children and youth. Encouraging people to participate in Olympic Day. This year’s International Olympic Day theme teaches staying healthy, getting stronger, and becoming active with Olympic practice.

The frightened Covid

Organizers have announced they will limit spectators to the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo from July. In this context, the World Health Organization announced on June 21 that it would discuss the risks of allowing spectators with the IOC, including Japan. Olympic organizers say nearly 10,000 people will be involved in the sport. However, foreign audiences are not allowed.

Prime Minister Modi congratulated the athletes

On the occasion of International Olympics Day, the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi wished the Indian athletes on the occasion of the International Olympic Games that Tokyo has only one month left for the Games and to continue the Olympic spirit. Earlier on Wednesday, he tweeted on Twitter. “The country is proud of the struggles of all the athletes who have represented India in various Olympic events over the years,” he tweeted. The Prime Minister congratulated the Indian team and called on everyone to take part in the Olympic Games quiz. The Olympics begin on July 23 in Tokyo.

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