International Labor Day – May Day History

International Labor Day, a symbol of workers

International Labor Day, a symbol of workers- May Day History: May Day is also known as International Labor Day. It is celebrated on May 1 every year. This is called a workers’ holiday. But only in America is it celebrated as Loyalty Day. International Labor Day is celebrated today as a symbol of workers ‘struggle and workers’ unity. May Day is the first day of Labor Day in all countries of the world to protest against the exploitation of labor to inspire workers.

History of a symbol of workers ‘MayDay’!!!

As a result of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century, many large industries were established in the United States and Europe. These industries employ workers for 16-18 hours a day without air, lighting, and basic amenities. In 1886, however, a workers’ demonstration took place in Chicago’s Haymarket to protest the policy. 

For the first time in 1884 workers began to worry about having to work only 8 hours a day. The agitation reached its peak in 1886. On May 1, 1886, 40,000 workers began a strike, and by May 3 this number had reached one lakh. As the strike intensified, employers provoked police and workers. Police opened fire on the workers, killing two. 

This led to a large-scale strike in front of the McCormick Reaperwork Industrial Company, led by labor leaders August Spice, Parsons, and Chlorine St Louis Ling. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on May 4, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. 

40 people were injured. Seven more died of their injuries in the days that followed. Mohi, however, blamed the labor leaders for the killings. Courts convicted the labor leaders on November 11, 1887, and executed Parsons, Spicy, Angel, and Fisher. 

Against this, another labor leader, Louis Ling, committed suicide by bombing himself. The whole incident is known as the ‘Haymarket Slaughter’. The ensuing labor strikes gradually spread to many countries. 

Protests took place on May 1 under the auspices of the Socialist Party, protesting against the exploitation of government and rich businessmen in Europe from 1900 to 1920. Anti-war demonstrations were held on May Day during World War I. 

In the following decade, May 1 was celebrated as Anti-Nazi Day. During Hitler’s rule, the day was also celebrated as National Labor Day. Mussolini in Italy and General Franco in Spain imposed a number of sanctions on May Day. 

An agreement was also reached to celebrate May 1 as Labor Day to commemorate those who died in the regular labor demonstration in Chicago. And then May Day is celebrated around the world. Apart from these, there were protests and demonstrations in many countries on that day.

May Day in India.

Workers in Calcutta were summoned at Howrah railway station in 1862, earlier than any other country in the country. May Day was first observed in India in 1923. After that, with the formation of the trade union in 1920, there was a revival in the working class. May Day is observed with this.

But the unorganized working class came in all spheres. As a result of the privatization, liberalization, and globalization (LPG) that took place after 1985, the labor laws of the unorganized working class were not enforced. After World War II, May 1 became a holiday in European countries. Later many countries followed the same path. In many countries, many welfare schemes for workers came into force on the same day.

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