International Forest Day 2021: Forest Day History, Priority, Theme, Celebration

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International Forest Day

Today is International Forest Day. The United Nations (UNO) celebrates March 21 each year as International Forest Day. Explaining the different types of forests today and the benefits they bring to the world. If there were no forests on this earth not all living things would exist. We survive on oxygen from the forests and about 95% of the goods we use come from forests. Soaps, shampoos, medicines, and food are all rooted in the forest. Not just us, even animals, birds, mammals, insects all depend on forests for their livelihood. Forests play a key role in reducing poverty in villages and herds.

Every year a special theme is assigned to forest day. That theme will be in effect throughout the year. This year the theme was Forest Restoration. So all countries, governments should increase the forest. Plants should be replanted to replace the felled trees,   they should strive to become trees. Thereby protecting the environment and luckily the percentage of forests is increasing in both our Telugu states. This means that this theme is being implemented well in our Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Increasing afforestation, collecting forest products in the right way, and increasing job opportunities for locals are also part of this year’s theme.

On this special day, all the countries of the world celebrate it as a festival. Raise awareness about forests among the people. Schools also hold competitions, paintings, and debates for students on forests. Everyone is encouraged to plant and grow plants. The Forest, Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), part of the United Nations, works with governments to this end. Promotes opportunities for afforestation.

Climate change is one of the major problems facing the world today. Icebergs are melting at the North and South Poles. As a result, the water level in the oceans is rising. This is due to the increase in heat in the atmosphere. With the same plants, if you increase the number of trees, plants absorb carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. So that the heat is reduced without damaging the earth. This Forest Day is being celebrated with the intention of making efforts in that direction.

The forests are doing everything but the ruthless man is cutting down the forests for his selfishness. Towns and cities have now sprung up in areas that were once forested. Mouthless trees are succumbing to the thirst for human capture. Even though the disasters caused by it are many, the conservation of forests is not possible due to the governments not doing enough. Luckily, the measures taken to increase the forest cover in the Telugu states are yielding good results.

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