Instagram New Safety features for Teenagers


Instagram has announced new features to provide a safer environment for teenagers on the social media platform. Users will be asked for their age details when they sign up. However many people lie about age. In this context Insta, technology is taking help to overcome it.

Restricting DMS Between Teens and Adults

Insta has introduced a feature that prevents teens under the age of 18 from sending adult messages. If the adults try to message the teens who do not follow them, they will get a notification that they are not able to send it. Insta says it can assess people’s age with the help of machine learning technology.

Prompting Teens

This feature can be used to alert receptionists in the form of notification, end conversion, or restrict block, report, or adolescent sending a large amount of friend or message requests to teenagers under the age of eighteen. While the feature will be available in some countries this month, it will soon be rolled out to all other countries, according to Instagram.

Hidden comment section

Restricts Instagram Adults from viewing teenage accounts in ‘Suggested Users’. Adults displaying suspicious behavior are restricted from finding teen content on reels or in Explore. Also, the comments section is automatically hidden.

Private Accounts

Instagram says teenagers should have a private account on Instagram to stay safe on the social media platform. If teens do not select the ‘Private’ option when signing up, they will be sent a notification highlighting their private account benefits. The company says it will remind them not to check their settings. While teenagers have the option of choosing a public account, who can view their content through a private account? Who can I talk to? There will be clarity on things like. You can keep your account safe from others. ‘Although many people are honest about their age, we know that young people can lie about their date of birth. However, verifying the age of people online is complicated. But we took this as a challenge. We are developing Artificial Intelligent (machine intelligence), machine learning technology to keep teens safe, ”Instagram said in a statement.

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