An inquiry has been ordered without taking any explanation

inquiry has been ordered, the allegations against him

An inquiry has been ordered without taking any explanation:  If anyone has a problem they go to the minister. If the minister himself becomes the problem. if he creates problems for his followers? The same thing happened in the case of Minister E. Rajendar. The victims unanimously pleaded with the CM KCR that E. Rajendar and his followers were trying to seize their assigned lands. An inquiry has been ordered into the matter. But, minister clarified about the allegations against him.

However, state Medical and Health Minister E. Rajendar clarified that none of the allegations against him were true. E. Rajendar said he wanted an inquiry into the allegations against him. More key points to this extent were said in a TV9 interview. He is also awaiting an investigation report. E. Rajendar said he could not bear the accusations leveled against him for being involved in the Telangana movement as a flawless leader.

Minister E. Rajendar said it was sad that the CM had given the order without taking his explanation. A conspiracy is going on against him and their names would be revealed soon. Even if Rs 100 crore is lost, Rajender will not be afraid. 

Activists and fans are in a hurry. Although he had been trying to talk to KTR for three days, he alleged that he was not available. Minister said he could not meet him as KCR infected with corona. He recalled, that he had secured his assets in a news agency that was broadcasting false news about him.

E. Rajendar expressed his dismay that it was painful to order an inquiry without at least taking an explanation from him. He made it clear that he was a man who followed the principles of CM KCR. To this extent, the Health Minister made it clear that KCR knew all things.

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