India ranks 14th in helping others

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India ranks 14th in helping others

India ranks 14th in helping others:

The corona epidemic has made a huge difference in people’s lives. Corona taught some good habits among the people who caused illness and took lives. It also increased the tendency to help peers. This is according to the World Giving Index 2021 by the British charity Aid Foundation. By 2020, 55% of the world’s adults, or about 300 million people, will have helped strangers. 31% of people donated in cash. Every 5th person in the world volunteers to spend time in social service. The company has conducted surveys in 114 countries. In it, all the countries gave clarity on 3 points. The tendency to do social service by helping a stranger, donating cash as well as giving their time.

For this, Gallup interviewed at least a thousand people in each country. A total of 1.21 lakh people were interviewed in 114 countries. Indonesia is the most liberal country in the index. 83% of the people here donated cash. Indonesia (60%) is at the forefront of giving time to labor donations and helping people in the community. Myanmar is the second-largest donor. The Theravada branch of Buddhism predominates here. What is special about this survey is that people in poorer countries are more likely to help others than rich ones. The US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and the Netherlands, which have always been in the top-10, slipped from the top-5 to the 19th in the US.

Six of the top 10 countries that help strangers are Africans – Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt. All these are poor countries. Japan ranks last in this category. European countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands, and even Iceland have shown little interest in helping strangers. Wealthy countries such as Japan and Mali are lagging far behind in donations.

India ranks 14th.

India has been ranked 82nd in the index for the past few years, but by 2020 it moved up to 14th. If you look at how India ranks in the various categories in the index. India ranks 6th in giving time to social service, 35th in cash donation .. 41st in helping strangers.

Top 15 Countries (Overall Ranking)

  1. Indonesia, 2. Kenya, 3. Nigeria, 4. Myanmar, 5. Australia, 6. Ghana, 7. New Zealand, 8. Uganda, 9. Kosovo, 10. Thailand, 11. Tajikistan, 12. Bahrain, 13. The United Arab Emirates, 14. India, 15. Ethiopia.

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