India is the birthplace of heroes

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India is the birthplace of heroes

India is the birthplace of heroes in the liberation of the Bharat Mata from the British:

India is the birthplace of heroes. Many heroes reluctantly gave up their lives for the liberation of Bharat Mata from British slavery. They came to our country for business. How did they rule the country with disunity within us? Finally, they started ruling Indians as slaves. In this context, many heroes and heroines fought for the liberation of the Bharat Mata from the British .. died at a young age. However, many heroes who fought for the country are hidden in history. iRay’s Media is trying to present the sacrifices of such a heroine to the future. Today, let us learn about the hero who compared the Indians to dogs and made the British tremble.

The British rulers did not like the Indians. They considered the Indians as slaves with white pride. The culmination of their pride. An incident in 1932 that Indians and dogs have no access to here. A board was erected in front of a British club in the town of Chittagong. A girl was shocked to see the board .. the evil of the British. The feeling that the Indians are so worst.. anger rose in the heart. However, the British decided to break the board .. white people to say the appropriate mindset. Her name is Pritilata Waddedar and she is a BA first-class graduate from Calcutta University. A heroine working as a teacher.

On the day of the attack, she was disguised as a Punjabi man. With the help of Swarajya Veer Surya Sen. on September 24, 1932, at 10-45 minutes the British club was attacked. The board was shattered by a single blow. The British team bravely entered the club and started firing. The British officers were frightened when they saw the young heroes. 

Many people were already injured. Meanwhile, a white man shot Priti lata from a corner. The bullet slammed into Priti lata’s shoulder and Blood gushed. Holding her hand tightly Priti lata Waddedar moved forward. The British authorities trembled at her courage. Gradually the bleeding from the bullet wound increased but it was time for the English to surrender in battle. 

The unwilling Priti Latha committed suicide by swallowing the cyanide she had brought with her. she said Jai Bharata Mata. Pritilata was only twenty-one years old at that time. After that, the whites could not dare to put up such boards elsewhere which would damage the self-esteem of the Indians.

Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se is a 2010 Bollywood film about the Chittagong uprising. Vishakha Singh played the role of Pritilata in this movie. Chittagong is a 2012 Hindi film based on the Chittagong uprising. Vega Tamotia played the role of Pritilata Waddedar.

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