He Read Inter and incarnate as a doctor

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incarnate as a doctor, registered a PD Act

He Read Inter and incarnate as a doctor: Police registered a PD Act!

Rachakonda police have registered a PD Act against a fake doctor who caused the death of corona patients. According to CP Mahesh Bhagwat on Monday, P. Sai Kumar of Meerpet in Hyderabad studied Intermediate at Sri Chaitanya Junior College in Dilsukhnagar from 2002 to 2004 and incarnate as a doctor.

From 2006 to 2011 he worked as an Assistant in the Operation Theater at Srinivasa Hospital in Santosh Nagar. At that time there was some awareness of medical treatments and operations. The accused, who wanted to make easy money, obtained MBBS certificates along with information and registration numbers of doctors working in Srinivasa Hospital. With their help, Dr. P. Sai Kumar, MBBS (OSM), MD (General), forged certificates with registration 70622. 

He then opened a ‘Sai Clinic’ in Meerpet Ex-Road in 2013. He campaigned to be educated at NTR Health University. While continuing the clinic, he has been working as a consultant doctor in Balapur, LB Nagar, Karmanghat, etc. He is charging a fee of Rs.150 from patients. Without stopping, he is referring patients to other corporate hospitals for blood samples and lab tests and earning commissions. 

Covid treated the infected couple at a hospital in LB Nagar. However, they both died while receiving treatment. The case was registered at the LB Nagar police station. During the investigation, Sai Kumar was found to be a fake doctor. LB Nagar police, who registered three cases on December 8 last year, remanded him in custody. The accused, who was released on bail, is back in circulation as a doctor and undergoing medical tests and treatments. Police received special information and conducted special surveillance. 

On April 19, CP Mahesh Bhagwat directed the police to register a PD Act against the accused. However, the accused, who has been on the run since then, was booked by the Meerpet in Hyderabad police on Monday and sent to Cherlapally jail.

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