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Hyderabad deserves the best says Mayor Vijaya Lakshmi.

Hyderabad: Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi has strongly objected to the decision of the Union Urban Development Department declaring Hyderabad as the 24th city in the city in terms of facilitation and living standards. Known as the city of pearls, Hyderabad is booming in terms of development and infrastructure, and Hyderabad deserves the best.

Anyone who knows the reputation of Hyderabad will not agree to give 24th rank. She recalled that Hyderabad had all the credentials to be the best city that many international, government and private organizations had already announced.

The mayor said the methodology used to determine the ranking was inconsistent with the questionnaire prepared for the data collection. Only 35 percent marks for living standards and 15 percent marks for financial standards were not understood.

The most important civil service sector was not mentioned in the survey. She said it was unscientific to assess the financial details, use of toilets, etc. on the basis of government statistics while visiting the field. She said the ranking, announced by the Union Ministry of Urban Development, lacked credibility.

The ranking process was also recalled by a national magazine called Mint. Hyderabad has won over 25 national and international awards and Hyderabad deserves the best. She said there was political malice in declaring Hyderabad 24th Rank.

Mayor Gadwal Vijayalakshmi clarified that she had asked the GHMC commissioner to set up a temporary generator as the power supply was being disrupted during the construction of power lines at her residence in Banjara Hills. she said that she had asked for a generator so that the work would not be interrupted.

She also said that the news coming in from some media outlets claiming that there was a power outage in the city was untrue. She said she opposes such news that misleads people.

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