Center a huge shock to motorists?

huge shock to motorists by imposing a green tax by center

Center a huge shock for motorists? The central government is ready to give huge a shock to motorists. Ready to impose a Green tax on older vehicles. This will affect those who own older vehicles.

Is the central government ready to give a shock to motorists? Yes, is the answer as per the reports. It seems that the Modi government is ready to shock motorists. Reports say it plans to tax older vehicles. There are over 4 crores of 15-year-old vehicles in the country. All of these are roaming the roads. The Center hopes to bring these under the Green tax. Karnataka tops the list of states with the highest number of old vehicles. However, it seems that data is not available in states like AP and Telangana.

According to reports, the central government has already informed the states about the issue of the Green tax on old vehicles. Transport vehicles over 8 years of age may have a tax of between 10 and 25 percent of the road tax. Personal vehicles must be taxed in Green after 15 years. This tax is levied at the time of RC renewal. States with high levels of pollution have the potential to impose a Green tax of up to 50 percent on road tax.

Green tax does not apply to hybrids, electric vehicles, CNG, ethanol, LPG vehicles. If you give up old vehicles and buy a new one, you can get a discount of up to 5% under the Scrappage policy. The Central Government is providing this benefit to the owners of old vehicles.

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