HouseFull board for corpses in Hyderabad Cemeteries!

HouseFull board for corpses

A story beyond Reality: HouseFull board for corpses in Hyderabad Cemeteries! How long it takes?

5/5/21 8.30 am. A watchmen’s mother died near our house. He said it would be nice if you could talk to the officer and help them a little. I have to appreciate the great mind of our sir who said that I would give my own money for that expense rather than wanting money. 

Talk to an officer and the person in the cemetery. An old woman who died in the house should be buried and asked how to send it. They said that today there is no vacancy to take the body, Let’s see tomorrow. Please do it tomorrow. Even though, called once again to speak to an officer.

Sir, poor families are creatures who survive by working as plankton and laborers. People like you should help them like this. That Incharge mind also moved a little. He said the corpse would be brought to the cemetery till 2 p.m.

HouseFull board for corpses and queue says what is the situation. If the promise will not happen! But the funeral procession was sent an hour late and the funeral was completed at around 7 pm for the old lady, who did not take a single rupee.

Madam, We have been doing the same thing for 20 years but I have never seen such a rush of corpses. We will do it for free for many distressed corpses but now the conditions are different. That word remained in my mind.

I really have doubts as to whether there is such a queue for corpses in Hyderabad. Meanwhile, we have to see the real situation for once. A discussion of how many days ordinary people look forward to and how long it takes for their funerals to take place. 

To see the real situation, an attempt should be made to tell what the situation is like in the cemeteries in Hyderabad .. !! The legs did not stop..these seemed to do this story.

Time 10 am, 6/5/21 First Film Nagar, Erragadda, Amber Pet, Panjagutta saw the real situation again and became hearted. Something in the mind weighs heavily on hearing and thinking of suffering. 

One was shouting at the staff to do rituals in front of the corpse, the other was shouting that at least my dad, who is traditional, should be allowed to do the funeral and please allow the materials he brought. 

What if we find ourselves in those circumstances? What the hell at some point tears is coming in the eyes at least I have to say that the line does not come out of the mouth in front of the mic at least without even touching the water until 3.30 pm to finish the story is still missing GHMC as those electrical crematories worked properly Wouldn’t the situation have been ??

Doesn’t it mean that at least the family members will have a funeral so late given the body? It ​means the current conditions that I have been waiting for more than a day, I do not want to see in my life anymore.

My intention as a journalist is not to scare anyone .. !! The same fact that is harsh

Journalist Sravani!!!

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