Hot or Cold Water, Which is better for bathing?

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Hot or Cold Water, experts say cool water

Hot or Cold Water, Which water is better for bathing? Experts say cool water is better

Formerly they used to get up early and take a bath with cool water. But now most people are bathing with hot water. Heaters and geysers placed in every home. Which water is best for bathing? whether hot or cold water? Health experts say cool water is better.

Pouring boiling water over the shit makes everything feel cozy but health experts say that bathing with hot water in the morning is not as good. Bathing with hot water relaxes the whole body. This can make you feel drowsy and sleepy and feel tired all day. Those who go to offices and work with this effect will feel embarrassed.

Although cool water bathing at the same time may seem like a problem at first and then with a blow leaves the sleep. Cool water is better to Stay active throughout the day. That is why it is said that cool water is better for taking bath. In addition, cool water bathing is increasing the beauty of the face.

Experts say that bathing with lukewarm water reduces the appearance of bumps on the face. The ice mask brought with this in mind has now become very popular. There are many benefits to using this. Ice mask means take cold water in a bowl and put some ice cubes in it. The face is placed in that vessel for a while. This not only reduces the pores on the face but also makes the face look fresh. It looks beautiful with this.

When is a hot water bath good?

It is better to take a bath with hot water at night. Bathing with lukewarm water relaxes the whole body and muscles. This will provide relief to the body which is tired from working out. Sleep comfortably. So it is better to take a bath with hot water at night than in cool water.

Bathing with cool water is not good for everyone. Some people suffer from problems like sinus and migraines. Bathing with cool water in winter makes their problem even greater. Not only does it feel like a headache, but the headache also increases. So it is better for them to take a bath with hot water in winter. During the same summer, the weather is hot so anyone can take a shower with cool water.

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