Health is a flow!

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Health is a flow, comprehensive form of Ayurveda

Health is a flow! comprehensive form of Ayurveda:

Life is (in time) born. Grows, declares itself, then disappears (dies). Thus to be born, to grow, to declare oneself in many ways, and finally to die. Life depends on the five elements of nature. They are earth, water, air, sky, fire. All these combine to form a heartfelt river. The Pancha Bhutas, the source of the entire universe, are also not separate.

 Health is a flow and Ayurveda means studying life.

Veda means knowledge knowing and Ayurveda means life. The comprehensive form of Ayurveda combines yoga, exercise, dietary rules, breathing processes, and meditation. If you want to get good health first you have to focus on the sky. The sky’s the limit. If there are many impressions on your mind, if that mind is filled with many thoughts, it will weaken your immunity. If the mind is in a state of meditation, if it is happy, the immune system will increase and illness will not be allowed to reach. 

Breathing techniques such as pranayama and aromatherapy can be used at this level, Yoga does this. Patanjali Maharshi in his Yoga Sutras says that yoga is to prevent the upcoming sadness (before coming). That is to say, roasting the seed before it germinates. Then water. By fasting, we can bring a lot of balance to our body system by cleansing the inner cells with water. If not possible then there are many herbs, medicines, surgery. They operate under mandatory conditions when all else fails. Our breath gives us many secrets.

There is a rhythm in our breathing to suit every feeling we have in our minds. Each rhythm affects certain parts of the body. All we have to do is observe them climb meditation. Proper eating habits are also important. ‘Proper diet’ means taking only as much as you need. The food should be cleanly digested by the time you sit down for the morning meditation.

Finally, The best advice is, take a week off for yourself a week every year. Balance yourself with nature throughout the week. wake up well at sunrise, eat the right food – take as much as you want. Do a little exercise, yoga, pranayama. Sing songs for a while, quietly enjoy this creation. If you immerse yourself in nature, your living system will be rejuvenated.

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