He fought with Corona for 14 months and finally died

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He fought with Corona

He fought with Corona for 14 months and finally Britain’s ‘Longest Corona’ patient died:

It is impossible to say how much the corona epidemic will afflict anyone and how many will be killed. Most people get the virus without any symptoms. For some, the symptoms go away in a matter of weeks. For others, it may be weeks after the virus has infected them. But, a person with a corona in Britain has been in the hospital for 14 months alone. Jason Kelk, 49, who came into the news as Britain’s ‘Longest Corona’ patient, is finally fed up. He fought with Corona enough and stopped all treatment and died Friday at a hospital in Leeds City.

From Last March 31.

Jason works as an IT teacher at a primary school. He was admitted to St James’ Hospital in Leeds on March 31 as his corona infection was serious. Jason has been receiving treatment at the same hospital for fourteen and a half months since then. He is suffering from type two diabetes and asthma. The kidneys were damaged. Decreased respiratory organ capacity and difficulty breathing. Stomach problems and vomiting began. Eventually, he got up alone and could not walk. He was taken to another hospital in Leeds City on Thursday as his condition worsened. Jason, who wanted to live like this for a few more days, breathed his last when the treatment stopped. A tearful tribute was paid by his wife, Sue Kelk, to the fact that Jason’s struggle was great and that he was very brave.

These are the long-term symptoms of corona.

Experts say that most of the corona infections will recover in 15 days, with fever, cough, odor, and loss of taste in a few more days. Some say the problems will continue for a long time. Scientists at King’s College London say that one in every 10 victims will have symptoms for more than three weeks, with some lasting for months.

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