Center gives new Guidelines for Home Isolation: Orders issued

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Guidelines for Home Isolation, the covid‌ positivity rate

Guidelines for Home Isolation by Center after the covid‌ positivity rate in the country: Orders issued.

The corona second wave boom in the country continues. The number of cases has been declining but the number of deaths exceeding four thousand is worrying. This time the villages are also being shaken by the corona second wave. The spread of the corona to agency areas is also a serious concern.

The central government is on high alert as the covid‌ positivity rate in rural areas of most states across the country is around 30 percent. A special focus has been laid on rural areas. As per Prime Minister Modi’s directives, Union Health Ministry officials have alerted the respective states where the corona is severe. 

Guidelines for Home Isolation by Center: 

Guidelines on covid Containment and Management have been released. Officials suggested improving infrastructure at primary health centers. The Union Ministry of Health has advised the rural population to keep an eye on the sick and find out if they have any respiratory problems. For this, Asha said, the services of workers and health workers should be utilized.

Telemedicine should seek medical attention with primary care personnel as soon as anyone is found to have covid‌ symptoms. The Department of Health said those with corona infection should be rushed to a general hospital without delay if they have other health problems. 

There are many more in the guidelines. Those suffering from corona should be provided with the necessary facilities. Patients’ oxygen levels should be monitored from time to time. Adequate pulse oximeters and thermometers should be provided in the village. Don’t forget to sanitize the oximeters every time you use them. 

Otherwise, the corona can be infected from one person to another. There is no need to worry when corona symptoms appear. In most people, these symptoms are very mild. In that case, one should not rush to the hospital unnecessarily. 

Stay in self-confinement at home and take medication. Corona test kits should be kept at all primary health centers. Home isolation kits should be provided to corona victims. Contact tracing is mandatory only if the number of cases seems to have increased.

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