Government Judas on strike .. Emergency services closed

Government Judas on strike, ex gratia for Doctors

Government Judas on strike .. Emergency services closed: Ex-gratia for Doctors died in corona duties is the main demand.

Government Judas on strike. Junior doctors working in government hospitals went on strike. Duties were boycotted on Wednesday in all dispensaries across the state. Attended only for emergency and ICU duties. They also warned that the government would boycott emergency and ICU duties from Thursday if their demands were not met. He said there was no minimum response within 15 days of giving strike notices to the government. Representatives of the Senior Residents Association and the Junior Doctors Association at Osmania Medical College spoke to the media. The government Must give Rs.50 lakh ex gratia for Doctors who died while performing corona duties. Demanded that the state government give regardless of the ex gratia given by the Center. Wages are to be increased by 15%. Judas was outraged that the state government, which last year announced a 10% incentive for doctors and staff doing corona duties, had not paid a single rupee so far. They demanded the immediate release of those incentive funds. Also, the government should announce that the recently increased 15% stipend for Judas will come into effect from January last year. Doctors and health staff demanded that family members be given free treatment in NIMS.

Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao:

Judas was outraged at Minister KTR. Doctors said the issues need to be addressed and warnings issued. Patients were asked whether they should be healthy before being given treatment. Already 34 health staff in the state have died, at least the government has ignored this. Doctors in other states are being given ex gratia along with special incentives and none of us said that. Although the strike notice was given to the DME within 15 days, when Gandhi visited the hospital, he also gave notice to CM Kesir but at least did not negotiate with them. The DME office turned around the secretariat and issued a strike notice with no response.

Exclusion of duties in Gandhi

Junior doctors boycotted duties at Gandhi Hospital on Wednesday. Mani Kiran Reddy, president of the Gandhi unit of the Judaism Association, said that along with the non-Covid, the Covid also boycotted duties in the emergency and ICU wards. Their strike will continue until their just demands are resolved. During a recent visit to Gandhi Hospital, the CM said KCR had promised to call for talks to resolve their demands but had to go on strike as there was no response from the government so far. Relatives of the patients said that the corona patients in the Covid ICU and oxygen beds at Gandhi Hospital were affected by the Judas strike. Authorities have made alternative arrangements to replace Judas.

DME Ramesh Reddy held talks with Judas on Wednesday night as per the directions of the CM. After the meeting, Judas announced that the government had said no to their three demands and would therefore continue the strike. The state government wants to give Rs 50 lakh extra to the families of the health workers who died in Corona. DME Ramesh Reddy clarified that it should be in line with the Ex gratia given by the Center and nothing more will be given on behalf of the state government. Asked to allocate at least 100 beds in NIMs for the treatment of health workers and their family members, Ramesh Reddy said it was not even possible. While demanding a 15% increase in the stipend for senior residents, the CM said KCR was OK. However, the duty of the 1,500 senior residents currently working will end next month. In light of this, Judas called for the increase to take effect the following year. That is, they demanded to calculate the period of 11 months already worked and give the equivalent money. The government said no to this. The junior doctors decided to continue the strike.

Effect on Corona Treatment!

There are 3,500 Judas in the state. Of these, 2,400 were junior residents and 1,100 were senior residents. This effect does not affect corona patients, as they are all on duty at the same time. There are more junior doctors working in government hospitals than regular doctors. Night duty, three or four rounds a day in the wards to take care of the patients. In the absence of veins that effect will not fall on patients. The government has ordered that none of the regular staff be given leave in this context.

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