Good news to unemployed soon in Telangana

Good news to unemployed by chief minister

Good news to Unemployed by CM KCR:

The Telangana government announced by the PRC for the employees is preparing to tell the good news to the unemployed soon. Before the MLC election schedule, the CM announced that KCR would replace 50,000 jobs in the state. However, with the advent of the MLC elections, the process came to a halt. The Central Election Commission has since released the schedule for holding by-elections to the Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency again. However, the government hopes to release a series of job notifications soon after the by-elections. The first job notification is expected to be released in the third week of April after the by-election. Authorities are already preparing to this extent. Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has already handed over the list of vacancies in various government departments to Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao. However, it is learned that Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao will conduct a high-level review on job replacement in another week.

The meeting will decide on vacancies in various departments and their recruitment process. The Chief Minister will also decide on which jobs to hand over to which recruitment agency. The job replacement process is going to be even faster after the CM meeting. It is learned that the number of vacancies in various government departments in the state has reached 55,000 after the promotions. It seems that the police department has the highest number of jobs, as the news has been coming from before. Teacher job vacancies are also reported to be high. It seems that there are vacancies in the medical and revenue departments in the next positions.

 Defeat in Dubbaka by-election, and CM KCR alerted after the expected results were not forthcoming in the GHMC  election. Realizing that there was severe dissatisfaction among the employees and the unemployed, the government took action. In this context, the CM KCR announced that 50 thousand jobs will be replaced soon. However, the process came to a halt with the release of the Graduate MLC Election Notification. However .. Immediately after the MLC elections, the PRC was announced by the CM KCR himself in the assembly. Finance Minister Tanniru Harish Rao announced in the same assembly sessions that the process of replacing 50,000 jobs would begin soon. To this extent, the process is about to begin.

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