Goa Beauty, Star Heroine in Telugu

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Goa Beauty

Goa Beauty, Physique means it should be like Ileana and fans call Illy baby and many other sweet names. The physique is the reason why Ileana became a star heroine so quickly in Telugu. Especially with the novel shape, this beautiful girl showed a sweet hell at the time. In the meantime, Ileana completely missed the track for a few days. Her beauty completely diminished. Fans thought it was a pity to see her but in the meanwhile, Goa Beauty has become beautiful again like previously. Past few days, Ileana was busy with her boyfriend and stayed away from movies, lost grip on her Physique, and gained huge weight and without glamor. Even in the middle of Amar Akbar Anthony, she looked very fat and overweight but after getting away from her boyfriend, she has now lost weight again and is completely back to her old look. Everyone has been shocked to see her latest photoshoot. Ileana was so excited and her fans as well too.

In a recent interview with the national media, Ileana said some sensational things. Ileana says body shaming was bad for her. She recalled that she was once ridiculed a lot. If so, how could you be a heroine? Not only that, if you want a heroine, your boobs should be bigger but Ileana remembered that you were criticized for not having them.

Meanwhile, Illy Baby says that she also has beauty spots but it is not right to point out only the flaws instead of them. She wishes to say that she does not like certain parts of her body anymore. Ileana says that the arms and the thighs are thin and the nose and lips are not as well. Apart from that Ileana says that she doesn’t look tall to look at, she also looks black. Fans say that with the revelation of all this, one can understand how much fear she has.

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