Why Geo Political allegations only on E. Rajendar?

Geo Political allegations

Why Geo-Political allegations only on E. Rajendar?

His removal from the ministry was alarming before the trial on the E. Rajendar geo-political allegations was completed. This caused concern among E. Rajendar fans and followers. Fans have been alleging that they have been deliberately avoiding E. Rajendar for some time now and that everything is being done according to plan.

The concern of many communities

Several leaders from Karimnagar district’s Huzurabad have condemned the land grab. There were hundreds of acres of land, property, and poultry farms before he got into politics. Many communities allege that the blasphemy was deliberate. 

The Mudiraj caste protested in Choppadandi that they were doing this for political gain on purpose without any corruption or allegations. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. The ordering of the CM KCR inquiry into the land grab affair has become a political sensation. BC Welfare Association leader Ennam Prakash has arranged an emergency meeting of chief executives to demand justice for the weaker sections and justice for the upper castes. 

Five top caste ministers in the state and up to 10 MLAs have been arrested and questioned as to why no action has been taken against them despite reports in the press and on TV. Demanded an inquiry into the land grabs made by KCR top caste leaders. They all condemned the manner in which the CM was treating the BC leader.

Not paid from the beginning

Since the party came to power for the second time, there have been plans to oust Minister E. Rajender. The ministerial post was also given at the last minute. That changed the department. Since joining the party, KCR has been back. 

However, he began to be underestimated. Even after the minister took office, he made sensational remarks in Huzurabad that he was the party owner. Since then more to the CM. The Cold War has been going on among the Yates. In addition, Karimnagar MLA Gangula Kamalakar has been made a minister. Rajendar was made to be confined to the Huzurabad constituency. After the TRS came to power for the second time, it slowly began to weaken. Now he is the only minister to show the issue of land grabbing deleted.

Mouth-opening district leaders

It seems that the TRS supremacy has directed the joint Karimnagar district MLAs not to talk to anyone about the E. Rajendar dispute. TRS leaders are watching with interest the developments that are taking place in the future. But no leader has ever opened his mouth on this issue. There have been no incidents of some TRS leaders belonging to the E. Rajender caste coming on the roads and agitating in support except to openly say that they are being deliberately accused.

Meeting with CEOs soon

Currently, the BJP is the only party in the state, that is clashing with the TRS. All the people want the next BJP to come to power. E. Rajender says that he will talk to the people and followers of the constituency now and take a future political decision. It remains to be seen whether he will join the BJP in the present form or do something like a new party. 

Even if a new party is formed. It is as if KCR has been given power again. Because it would be as if all the parties split the votes and benefited KCR. The chances of leaning towards the BJP are high. It is learned that a meeting with the chief functionaries will be held at the Huzurabad constituency center in two to three days. The next steps will be at the discretion of those who cast their votes and win. With the taking over of the post of CM, E. Rajendar will resign on his own.

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