Demand for full-stack developers

Full-stack developers

Demand for full stack developers

The corona period has proven just how important technical skills are. While covid‌ has had a negative impact on many sectors, the IT sector has had a positive impact. New jobs are emerging in this field. As the demand for digital skills grows, all companies will need to increase the number of professionals in their respective fields. So crucial is that multinational corporations are laying a big disk for those who have mastered coding skills offering jobs with good packages. So full-stack developers are at the forefront of the list of companies are looking for!

According to GlassDoor, the application is in high demand in the market for developers in India. They have Rs. 30 lakhs, VMWare Company Rs. 24 lakhs annual salary. If you learn this application ‌ development at the basic level, you will get jobs that give you Rs 6 lakh a year. According to PayScale, the base salary for developers of this application in the US is 91,000 Dollars. That is about Rs. 66,00,000.

Since the value of the currency there is high, you might think that Rs 6 lakh in India is the same as 91,000 Dollars in the US but in recent times new remote jobs are also coming. That means you can work for a company in America right from your home but you will be paid the same wages as in America. You can earn such attractive salaries from your home in India. Those who have learned this full stack development will have no shortage of opportunities in this decade!

Before learning about this full-stack, you need to know about the two components in it. Front-end development, back-end development.

What to hold on to?

To become a front-end developer, you need to master HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and React. To become a back-end developer, you need to master Java, Python, NodeJS, SQL, Django. More importantly, learn to think like a programmer. Because knowing the language is not enough; Companies want people who can make applications using it.

Full-stack developers who are able to work on all aspects of an application both front-end and back-end. They look to make an application work as a whole.

Front End Development:

To shop online, we immediately go to a website like Amazon or Flipkart. Everything you want to buy is neatly arranged in a pattern of colors there. Clicking on an object image opens another new web page with the details of that object. Changing the size of the desired item will only change the size of the item without changing the entire website. This is what we call the front end that allows us to interact. Front-end developers are the ones who make any website like this easy to use and pretty impressive. They work on how to view and adapt to what the user is using.

Responsive web design:

We use different types of devices like mobile, laptop, tablet. These are different in size, one big and one small do developers create a website separately for laptop, tablet and mobile?

Wouldn’t that be a waste of a lot of time doing so! Instead, an approach called ‘Responsive Web Design’ is used. Once the website is developed in this manner, it automatically adjusts to the screen size of all devices. This Responsive Web Design is used to create any new website, so it is very important.

Cross-platform development:

There are Android / iOS on mobile, Windows on a laptop, and many other operating systems. Application developers need to use one programming language for Android and another programming language for iOS. It will take a long time. Other than that, just like websites have Responsive web design tools, apps also have cross-platform development tools. This means that once the app is developed with it, it will work on both Android and iOS.

Reactive native and flutter are prominent in such cross-platform development tools. React Native was developed by the Facebook company. Big companies like Instagram and Mintra are using it. Flutter was developed by Google. Companies like Google Pay and eBay are using it. When it comes to the back end. We often use applications like Ola, Uber. In it, when we take a ride request, our ride request goes to the nearest drivers. As soon as a driver agrees to our request for a ride, the details of those drivers will come in a notification.

Did you notice ..? All of this is happening on their own when we just make a ride request. How are they going? A software is developed to make that happen. The software runs on the server. We can think of a server as a computer. Back-end development is the creation of such software! Back-end software developers are the ones who develop such software.

Also known as the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale and the Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. On such days millions of consumers buy a variety of goods on Amazon and Flipkart. Backend developers generally take care of the backend software, the servers themselves, and the number of servers to handle the millions of requests.

In four and a half months:

If you want to become a full-stack developer, you can join courses offered by platforms like Coursera and Udemy. More and more companies are offering this training. For example, you can learn full-stack development in 4.5 months with CCBP Tech 4.0 Intensive Program. No understanding of coding is required to join this program. With experience, learning can be done regardless of qualifications. Details can be found at intensive website. Those with skills will have a chance to get a job with an annual salary of 4.5 lakh to 9 lakh rupees per year!

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