Freebies with Covid vaccine ..! Did you know where?

Freebies with Covid vaccine

Freebies with Covid vaccine ..! A variety of freebies, Did you know where?

Despite stepping into the vaccine drive in the third phase, the government is making continuous efforts to dispel the rumors surrounding the Covid vaccine. 

However, many are not ready to get the vaccination. The government eliminates rumors and encourages citizens to get vaccinated. In addition, merchants also offer a variety of Freebies with Covid vaccine. Free offers range from free gold nose pins to discounts on bills. Here are some of them:

  1. Free beer

Indian Grill Room, a pub in Gurgaon, offers free beer to vaccinated people. Instead of receiving free beer, they have to show their vaccinated card. The offer, which lasted for a week, started on April 5. Encouraged city dwellers to get vaccinated.

  1. Uber free travel

Uber India announced last month that it would offer free rides to vaccinated seniors in 19 cities across the country. A total of 25,000 free rides will be offered. The move is part of a partnership with HelpAge India, an NGO.

  1. Gold nose pins

The Jewelers Association of Gujarat has announced freebies for vaccinated citizens in Rajkot. Gold nose pins for women gave hand blenders for men.

  1. Free food

Citizens of Rajkot district announced free food. John Vision, an organization in the Rajkot district of Gujarat, provides free food to vaccinated people. “We serve breakfast, lunch, dinner. “People don’t have to do any work after they go home.”

  1. Discounts in restaurants

Restaurants like Punjab Grill and You Me in delhi have announced a special discount of 10-20% on the total bill for those who have been vaccinated.

Traders not only in India but all over the world are encouraging people to get vaccinated through new avenues. For example, the Red Rooster in Floyd, Virginia, is offering a $ 250 bonus to those who have been vaccinated. A bar in Israel is also offering free drinks as part of an effort to encourage young people. Some Dubai restaurants offer customers a 20-30% discount.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



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Journalist and actor TNR died due to Coronavirus. Actors Tweet
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