Forest department has imposed a heavy fine

Forest department has imposed, expanding the venture

The Forest department has imposed a heavy fine for expanding the venture:
The forest department has imposed a heavy fine on a real estate company for cutting down trees on a large scale without any permits. The forest department has levied a hefty fine of Rs 20 lakh on the company for cutting down hundreds of trees as part of expanding the venture. Going into details, the trees were heavily felled ten days ago at a resident Green Leaf Ventures in Bomraspet, Keesara Mandal, Medchal Malkajgiri district. 

Forest Officer Venkateshwar, who received the complaint, conducted an inquiry. Ventures confirmed that the owner had cut down hundreds of huge trees without any permits. The officers who registered and investigated the case under the Walta Act imposed heavy fines in lieu of lost greenery. Officials said they will also plant large-scale plants again with the same company.

Forest officials said that prior permission from the forest department is required to cut down trees on one’s own land and one can also apply online. Officials said if anyone asked for permission to cut down trees, an inquiry would be held and permission would be granted as per the regulations, and the district forest officer, if a small amount, would have to give permission after the District Tree Protection Committee hearing if a large number of trees had to be removed. 

In view of the priority given by the government to greening Telangana through the greenery, deforestation should be avoided, but if necessary, the removal of trees should be done only after obtaining permits as per the law.

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