Finance Minister Harish Rao introduced the Telangana Annual Budget

Finance Minister

Finance Minister Harish Rao introduced the Telangana Annual Budget in the Legislative Assembly. For the year 2021-22, Rs. 2,30,825.96 crore was introduced in the budget

In the annual budget, a large platform was laid for development and welfare. Huge allocations have been made especially to the agricultural sector. See the highlights of the Telangana budget here.

The state budget is Rs. 2,30,825.96 crores

Revenue Expenditure Rs. 1,69,383.44 crores

The fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs. 45,509.60 crores

The investment cost is Rs. 29.046.77 crores

Revenue surplus is Rs. 6,743.50 crores

Budget Highlights:

For agriculture Rs.25,000 crore 

To the Department of Health Rs.6,295 crores

For the power sector, Rs. 11,046 crores

For the irrigation sector, Rs. 16,931 crores

Home sector Rs.6,465 crores

For double bedroom houses Rs. 11 thousand crores

The construction of the new secretariat will cost Rs. 610 crores

For Asara pensions, Rs. 11,728 crores

Kalyanalakshmi Lakshmi & Shaadi Mubarak Rs. 2,750 crores

For a comprehensive land survey Rs. 400 crores

To the Department of Civil Supplies Rs. 2,363 crores

For cultural tourism sectors, Rs. 726 crores

For the IT sector, Rs. 360 crores

For the metro rail project Rs.1000 crores

Along with the non-budgetary funds, Rs. 3000 crores

For Forest Rs.1,276 crores

For the development of temples, for the welfare of priests and revenue employees Rs. 720 crores

For Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Rs. 1,730 crores


For a new scheme for academic development, Rs. 4 thousand crores

Schools Education Rs. 11,735 crores

Higher Educations Rs. 1,873 crores

The welfare of SCs and STs:

For CM Dalit Empowerment Program Rs. 1000 crores

For SC’s Special Development Fund, Rs. 21,306.85 crores

For ST’s Special Development Fund, Rs. 12,304. 23 crores

The welfare of bees:

For the welfare of the leaders, Rs. 338 crores

BC Corporation, Rs. 1000 crores

BC Welfare Department Rs. 5,522 crores

Minority Welfare:

For the management of minority gurukuls, Rs. 561 crores

For the welfare of minorities Rs.1,606 crores

Women and child welfare:

SHE toilets cost Rs. 10 crores

For interest-free loans to women’s self-help groups, Rs. 3 thousand crores

A total of Rs. 1,702 crores

Urban Development:

To urban progress Rs.500 crores

For the construction of Vaikuntha Dhamas in the towns Rs. 200 crores

A Gajwel-style model market in every town. For Integrated Veg Non-Veg Markets Rs. 500 crores

Hyderabad Urban Development:

For free freshwater supply Rs. 250 crores

For the drinking water project to be constructed at Sunkishala, Rs. 725 crores

For the revival of the Musi River, Rs. 200 crores

For drinking water supply to the colonies under ORR Rs. 250 crores

To urban progress Rs. 250 crores

Khammam Corporation to Rs. 150 crores

In total, the municipality has allocated Rs. 15,030 crores



For industrial subsidy Rs. 2,500 crores

To the Department of Industries Rs. 3,077 crores

Roads, construction of buildings

For R&B roads Rs. 800 crores

Panchayati Raj Roads Rs. 300 crores

Construction of Integrated Collectorate, District Police Offices, and Command Control Centers at a cost of Rs. 725 crores. Arvo, Rs. 400 crores

In total, Rs. 8,788 crores


The Regional Ring Road will cost Rs. 750 crores

For civil aviation development Rs. 100 crores

For the first time, from the state government budget, Rs. 500 crores

Of this, Rs. 252 crore and Rs. 248 crores

Panchayati Raj, Rural Development Department Rs. 29,271 crores

For constituency development funds given to MLAs and MLCs, Rs. 5 crores

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