Jana Sena entering the field tour in Tirupati

Field tour in Tirupati

Jana Sena entering the field tour in Tirupati as Pavan Kalyan is all set to enter the field on April 13:

All eyes are on the Tirupati by-election for the Tirupati Lok Sabha seat in Andhra Pradesh. The major parties are vying for victory. The Janasena-BJP alliance is also moving to compete in this context. Ratnaprabha, the joint candidate of the two parties, is already campaigning in Tirupati. Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan is all set to enter the field tour in Tirupati soon. Janasena party political affairs committee chairman Nadendla Manohar has announced that Pawan Kalyan will campaign in Tirupati on April 3. In support of BJP and Janasena joint candidate Ratnaprabha, a padayatra will be held from MR Palli circle in Tirupati city to Sankarambadi circle via AIR bypass. With the arrival of Pawan, the fight in Tirupati is going to become juicier. Pawan’s visit will also fill Josh in the crowd. The BJP also hopes that the Janasena tour will bring them together.

Janasena leaders say the Pawan Kalyan Padayatra will be a way to instill confidence in the people that the BJP-Janasena alliance will grow into a good alternative in AP politics. Pawan’s campaign will start at 3 pm on April 3. Nadendla Manohar said that a huge public meeting will be held at the Sankarambadi circle after the padayatra. He said leaders, activists, and heroines from the four districts of Rayalaseema along with local leaders and activists were eagerly awaiting a warm welcome to Pawan.

Nadendla Manohar said BJP leaders along with Janasena were making arrangements to make Pawan Kalyan’s visit a success. A special committee headed by BJP state president Somu Veerraju has been appointed for this purpose. Manohar said Pawan’s visit would dispel any doubts over the BJP-Janasena alliance. He said opponents were misrepresenting their alliance by creating myths and lies.

Manohar said it had come to their notice that Janasena party sympathizers were being threatened by local ruling party leaders. Leaders and businessmen, especially those from the Balija community, have been accused of summoning and threatening them. Tirumala has been criticized for threatening to stopping the business at the Tirupati temple if he stands as a polling and counting agent. He warned that this was not a good practice in a democracy.

Nadendla Manohar demanded an immediate apology from the people’s representatives who were making the threats. He said the ruling party wants to divide the people into castes and religions and win. The challenge was to fight honestly if the YCP really had the strength. Fearing defeat in the elections, every Mandal said the MLA was appointing a constituency minister as a supervisor. Nadendla Manohar criticized the 151 MLAs for not being able to hold budget meetings.

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