Father killed children and committed suicide

Father killed children

Father killed children and committed suicide: The father killed two of the children and committed suicide himself. New facts are emerging regarding this tragic incident that came to light on Wednesday morning. 

He has killed his children after the death of his wife the new facts are coming to light in the case of a husband who committed suicide by hanging. The atrocity, which came to light on Wednesday morning in the town of Visakhapatnam, has caused a stir locally. After the death of his wife, the locals asked him to give the children to relatives, but he refused. The grandmother of the children is in tears that children would have survived at least before her eyes if the children had been given to others.

Kokiri Satyanarayana, 48, a resident of Muthrasi Colony in the Anakapalli area of ​​Visakhapatnam, hanged himself just after midnight on Tuesday. Earlier, he killed his 10-year-old son Lokesh and his 8-year-old daughter Tejashree by mixing poison in the food. He committed suicide after it was determined that the children were dead.

His wife Pushpalatha died of kidney-related disease in December last year. With this, he felt that life without a wife and that he shouldn’t live in a world without her. He even killed children for fear that the situation would get worse without both parents.

However, after Pushpalatha’s death, her mother remained in the house and taking care of the children. She was lying on the sidewalk the night of the incident. She is in tears that she might have stopped this tragic incident if she had slept in the house.

Some of the locals and relatives asked Satyanarayana that they will take care of both the children after Pushpalatha died but Satyanarayana did not agree to that. The neighbors also provided food for the children on Tuesday night but Satyanarayana did not take that food.

Pushpalatha’s mother, who was sleeping at the neighbor’s house, went to her son-in-law’s house early in the morning. The children, who were lying in the house as disembodied creatures, looked at their son-in-law. The horror came to light when the locals came and looked. Police have registered a case and are investigating the incident.

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