Swiggy Controversial Post on Rohit Sharma. Boycott Swiggy, tag is trending now

Fans trending Boycott Swiggy

Swiggy Controversial Post on Indian star cricketer Rohit Sharma. Fans trending Boycott Swiggy tag:

IPL 2021 season 14 is gaining Momentum. Mumbai Indians, who started the league with a loss, recently got a win over Kolkata Knight Riders. Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders played 2 matches each. Rohit Sharma is leading the Mumbai Indians team. Yesterday Mumbai Indians won their first match of the IPL season 14 by defeating Kolkata by 10 runs. However, comments made at the start of the match about popular online food delivery app Swiggy Rohit Sharma are now causing a furor.

Swiggy is an online food delivery company that has tried to take a toll on Mumbai Indians captain and Indian star cricketer Rohit Sharma. The comments made by Swiggy on Cricketer with the idea of ​​increasing food orders seem to be the real deal. Cricket presenter Mayanti Langer has tweeted, that if Mumbai Indians hit 200 in the match against Kolkata, she wants Vada Pav and respect to the ‘hitman’, and tagged Swiggy in the post. 

However, Swiggy shared a photoshop edited photo along with harsh comments on this tweet. Swiggy Replying to Mayanti’s tweet, that we love Mumbai Indians boys. Mayanti, you are on fire and commented that they accept the challenge. Also, Rohit Sharma fans shared a photo edited by a netizen that Vada pav was lying in front of a cart. Swiggy commented that the haters called the photo Photoshop.

Rohit Sharma fans were outraged and trended the “Boycott Swiggy” tag. Legendary cricketer Rohit Sharma, who has given many victories to TeamIndia, fans said that Swiggy’s comment was outrageous and asked other fans to delete Swiggy’s app. However, Swiggy realized it’s mistake and immediately deleted the tweet. The damage had already been done. Fans trending Boycott Swiggy became a trend in Internet now.

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