Families of the dead must be compensated

Families of the dead, government should pay compensation

Families of the dead must be compensated: The central government should pay compensation.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the central government should pay compensation to the families of the dead corona victims. It imposed a six-week deadline to formulate guidelines for it. The decision on how much to provide is left to the government. A bench headed by Justice Ashok Bhushan on Wednesday passed a judgment on a petition seeking Rs 4 lakh compensation under disaster relief for the families of the Corona victims. 

The Center initially argued that compensation was not mandatory under the Disaster Act. The court rejected the central government’s argument. The apex court, after examining the arguments heard by the government in this regard, directed the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) to set minimum standards for the relief of the families of the victims. So that a certain amount can be paid. The court expressed dissatisfaction that the NDMA had failed to meet the minimum standards. However, the court clarified that the compensation rules are not within their purview to determine the amount of compensation.

Responding to the remarks, the Center told the court that they did not have sufficient funds. The court, which did not accept the Centre’s contention, directed the Center to decide how much compensation should be given to the families of the deceased and make arrangements within six weeks and also directed the government to issue death certificates immediately. The date of death in the certification documents, stating that the cause must be.

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