fake doctors playing with lives of common people

Fake doctors playing

Fake doctors playing with the lives of common people:

Fake doctors playing with the lives of common people, people are repeatedly deceived at the hands of fake doctors. Victims of losing survivors with arbitrary treatment. A mechanism that does not move unless people are alert and complain. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use to create great technology. 

From remote villages to metropolitan areas, there is no escaping the problems of those who are treating people with fake certificates and endangering their lives. The problem of floating fake doctors has repeated over and over again with the suspicion that the disease has not abated. 

Who is the real doctor as the medical department is acting as if it has not been able to purge it from the field? People are left wondering who the fake doctor is. It is mandatory to register with the State Medical Council after practicing medicine. Such problems are unlikely to arise if the details of the doctors so registered, their areas of work or hospitals are made public. 

On the contrary, are the certificates that the officers who are nominally limited to registration at least submit to themselves original? Duplicate? That does not appear to be the case under close scrutiny. As a result, doctors, who were previously confined to smaller clinics, are now confusing the public by seeking permission for larger hospitals as well. 

Criticisms are coming that the Telangana State Medical Council is failing to fulfill its primary duty of protecting the right to life and health of the people. Among those elected are DMEs, DHs, and ex-officio members of the Telangana Medical Policy Council Commissioner. Teams have not been set up to at least check in that direction while the Medical Council should take steps to curb unscientific, counterfeit doctors and treat those who have practiced allopathic education. Regular inspections are also not happening. 

With this, even those who have worked for a while as a compounder and ward bar at the doctor to treat in the state are opening clinics in rural areas and playing with the health of the people. Recently 10 unqualified doctors in Sangareddy were caught treating patients and freshly ordered to inquire at a hospital at Shamshabad‌ with the complaint of the affected patients. 

Medical reform activists have been criticized for not taking steps towards a permanent solution other than rushing to nominal action as criticism mounts. Communities are demanding that the Medical Council identify and take action against those who provide fake doctors and unscientific medicine.

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