Facebook and Google India appeared before the parliamentary committee

Facebook and Google India

Facebook and Google India appeared before the parliamentary committee:

Representatives of Facebook India and Google India on Tuesday appeared before a parliamentary committee headed by Congress leader Shashitharur. They testified on a number of issues, including civil rights, prevention of abuse of social media or online media. Shivanth Dhookral, Namrata Singh on behalf of Facebook, Aman Jain, and Gitanjali Duggal on behalf of Google India explained their views and intentions. While Facebook representatives said they could not attend in person because of covid, Shashitharur made it clear to them that the Parliament Secretariat would not allow virtual meetings, adding that the protection of civil rights, the prevention of social and online news media abuse, as well as the security of women in the digital space were paramount. It is learned that the committee has questioned them on what you are doing in the matter. Hence the information that these representatives have explained their objectives.

It is learned that they have made it clear that they are abiding by the rules laid down by the government. The war between the Center and Twitter is still going on indirectly. While Twitter claims that their rules are transparent, the Center says that your attitude violates our rules. It is noteworthy that the meeting between the two took place on June 18. Meanwhile, there are indications that the parliamentary committee will send summons to YouTube and other social media representatives in a few weeks.

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