EU Vaccine Passport: Accept Covaxin, Covishield?

EU Vaccine Passport, traveling between member countries

EU Vaccine Passport: for traveling between member countries of EU.

EU Vaccine Passport. In EU countries .. as well as those traveling between member countries are being issued a digital ‘Covid’ certificate. Also allowed to travel if there is a digital green pass. However, it is known that Covaxin and Covishield vaccines manufactured in India are not allowed in the list of EU-approved vaccines. Concerns have been raised that the Covishield, which is being taken by most Indians, is not even available. When the serum company asked the Indian government to intervene in this context, the Center responded swiftly.

It said that the two vaccines should be approved immediately, without which travelers from EU countries would be in trouble. The Center has indirectly warned the EU (Confederation of 27 Nations) to allow the vaccine passports of those travelers and to enforce more stringent quarantine regulations. It also said it would relax quarantine rules if allowed. The two vaccines we have made are not included in the EU Digital Covid Certificate list in the first phase. According to the Green Pass, there are appeals to give permission to those who have taken at least the Covishield. However, the European Medicines Agency did not respond. Approved for licensed Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Janssen vaccines. The Indian version of AstraZeneca did not even make room for Covishield. EU Ambassador Ugo Astuto said the approvals would be on merit only.

EU explanation

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has responded to the latest developments. Explained that in the wake of the EU issuing a green pass for uninterrupted travel between member states. The purpose of the Green Pass is to certify that you have been vaccinated. According to EU sources, the EMA has only approved the Pfizer / Biotech, Moderna, Waxer Viria, and Janssen vaccines for this certification. However, it is a mistake to comment that no request has been received so far to include Covishield in the Green Pass list. Serum CEO Adar Poonawalla responded to the matter. He said he was confident the EU would allow the shield and that it would take a month.

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