Is the Telangana government trying to keep employees in the grip?

Employees in the grip

Employees in the grip:

While the state government has appointed a Wage Revision Commission to decide on the extent to which wages should be increased for employees, it has survived for two and a half years and recommended 7.5 percent but the government has increased 30 percent. The government has taken credit for giving more than the commission recommended. Earlier, the employees were seen praising and anointing the Chief Minister KCR. Years of experience have shown that the Wage Revision Commission is worthless. Whatever the government has to do, they did. There is no importance of revision commission. Telangana government trying to keep employees in the grip.

The fact that such committees do not take into account the recommendations of the Commission proves once again that the commissions have no value and that the government can give anything at its discretion. Studies in other states have also reported a limited number of cataracts. The government has not answered the question as to why it is spending crores of rupees to appoint those commissions when the recommendations are not taken into account.

The commission cost Rs 15 crore

The government has spent nearly Rs 15 crore on the 11th PRC Commission, which was set up with three members to ensure that the pay revision is not delayed. Three members were paid salaries in the millions of rupees. All facilities are provided. Members went to other states and studied and recommended 7.5 percent fitment. However, a debate is now emerging as to whether the Biswal Commission itself recommended this measure or whether it was the government itself. Obviously giving more and giving less gives the government a bad name so deliberately giving less and giving more has earned the recognition of being an ‘Employee Friendly’ government. The debate began among intellectuals as to whether the financial difficulties in the commission study were correct.

That’s all in the past.

Despite the recommendations of the Wage Revision Commissions in the past, governments have decided to increase them. Except in one or two cases the rest of the time they gave more than what the Commission had suggested.

In 1958 and 1965, the government finalized the fitment by the  Wage Revision Commission.

Retired ICSR Prasad Commission in 1974 when the government declared 5 per cent fitment. It does add some benefits.

In 1978, the Retired IAS Krishnaswamy Commission suggested a total of two per cent increments, while the government announced one increment of up to one-third, two increments of 3 to 7 years, and three increments of one-third.

In 1985, the IAS Subramanian Committee suggested 10 percent fitment and the then government paid additional benefits with 10 percent fitment.

In 1991, the retired IAS Shankarguru Committee recommended 8 percent fitment, while the government announced a 10 percent fitment, with a minimum of Rs 100.

In 1998 the Retired IAS RKR Gonela Commission recommended 20 percent fitment while the then government declared 25 per cent.

Retired IAS Rambabu Committee in 2004 suggested 10 percent fitment while the then government gave 16 per cent.

In 2008, when the retired IAS CS Rao Commission recommended 27 percent fitment, the then government unanimously declared 39 per cent.

In 2013, retired IAS officer Pradeep Kumar Agarwal recommended 29 percent fitment for the committee, while CM KCR jointly declared 43 percent fitment for the emergence of the state and the bond of the workers’ movement.

This time too, the Bishwal Commission has indicated only 7.5 percent while the CM KCR has unanimously declared 30 per cent.

Governments set aside PRC reports for their own credit and make decisions at their discretion. One strategy is to recommend less fitment with the commission and then negotiate with the unions, making demands and giving the government more fit and being grateful all year long. Telangana government trying to keep employees in the grip. This time too the same strategy was implemented.

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