Don’t have Lands for Dalits, but for private companies?

AICC Dasoju lands dalits, Dalit Avedana Deeksha

Don’t have Lands for Dalits! Dasoju Sravan said at Dalit Avedana Deeksha:

Lands aren’t being raised to give to the poor Dalits who know about agriculture and how are they giving thousands of acres to private companies? AICC spokesperson Dasoju Sravan said. He spoke from Gandhi Bhavan Dalit Avedana Deeksha. He said that it was the Dalits who ignited the flames of the Telangana movement and it was the Dalits who played a more important role to get Telangana. He said that out of the 1500 people who were martyred for Telangana, most were Dalits. Yesterday, KCR was afraid of Bhatti Vikramarka. That is why declared ex-gratia for the Mariamma family and he made it clear that the movement started with Mariamma would continue. It is not enough to give it to Mariamma .. it should be given to 116 dead Dalits

AICC spokesperson Dasoju Shravan demanded that 15 lakh ex-gratia be given to Mariamma and not to the 116 dead Dalits. KCR apologized for the mistake and wanted to write a nose month. He called on the Dalits not to be slaves but to fight with the government. He questioned whether KCR Government would do justice to the victims of crime. He alleged that KCR did not give Meena Kumari an appointment for the victims of the crime. There are no lands to give to Dalits but thousands of acres are being given to private companies.

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Revanth Reddy as TPCC Chief: AICC general secretary
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