Do not talk harshly with children. The reason is!

Do not talk harshly, develop mental retardation

Do not talk harshly with children: Children should be cared very much for up to five years. Chanakya says children should be treated like friends from the age of sixteen. Psychologists say that it is wrong to think that children are better than we are, that we have dictatorships over them and that anything is valid. A survey conducted by Stanford University found that children were less likely to develop mental retardation when they were unnecessarily fed and harshly spoken to as children.

Children can be reprimanded with love, but they can not grow mentally because of the harsh punishments and teasing with hurtful words that hurt the mind. Children expect affection from their parents. If curses come instead, the girl’s mind will not tolerate it. Psychologists want to keep baby hearts Solid as glass toys. That is why parents should listen carefully to what they have to say, welcome their ideas, and help them grow up in the right way.

If children are repeatedly exposed to weapons such as anger, beatings, intimidation, bullying, and etc., their brain development will slow down. Development and Psychology publish that this effect is particularly prevalent in adolescents. Dr. Sabrina revealed this at a conference held at Stanford University. She said do not talk harshly with children, Adults do not think it is wrong to be harsh on children but children will develop mental retardation if we do that. Society agrees on the same thing.

This research suggests that most parents around the world have a similar idea, not just in one country. ‘Spoken words bring about changes in a child’s development. What parents and society need to understand is that punishing children over and over again can hinder a child’s mental development, ‘says Safren. If children are sexually, physically, and emotionally distressed, something unknown in them will increase anxiety and sadness.

This sadness becomes stressful as they grow up. That is why children should be raised from an early age by teaching them good words and good stories. Ensure that there are no parental lashes on children. The survey says that hitting, cursing, blaming, using obscene words decreases intelligence in children.

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24 hours ..? 72 hours ..? Ongoing suspense over Sharmila’s initiation
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