Digital Payments in Corona situation by People

Digital Payments in Corona

Digital Payments in Corona situation by People in this corona spread and lockdown:

Online payments have increased in the state. Digital payments have gained Momentum in the wake of the corona spread and lockdown. From footpath shops to malls, people are making online payments. People are afraid of cash payments as there is a possibility of the virus spreading by transferring money directly. Some buy goods from outside but payments are made online. With the lock-down, companies making offers, getting cheaper, and delivering directly to the home, people are turning to online. Experts say that up to 70% of all payments are made through digital payments.

With all the apps

Before Corona, people only made online payments in a few places. But now online payments are being made across everything from small merchants to big malls. Digital payment apps such as Google Pay, PhonePay, and Paytm continue to transact via Internet banking. Digital payments are being made everywhere from grocery stores, mechanic centers, hair cutting salons, tea centers to shopping and supermarkets. Black, current, phone, and TV bills are also being paid through digital payments. Digital payment apps are also announcing offers as people tend to pay online. Giving cashback, reward points. More and more people are booking goods online. Apps are placed on apps like Flipkart, Geo Mart, Big Basket, etc. The respective delivery apps are used for medicines and food orders.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

For Free Ambulance (Cyberabad)



For Free cab Services (Rachakonda)


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Children’s health is in your hands
కనీస వేతనాలపై మరో కమిటీ, మూడేళ్ల వ్యవధి ఎందుకు ?

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