Department of Public Health in Telangana Director Dr. Srinivasa Rao’s point on Coronavirus

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Department of Public Health in Telangana

Corona constraint in Telangana is much better compared to many other states, said Dr.Srinivasa Rao, Director, Department of Public Health. He commented on monday in a press meet that the number of cases is increasing in our country in the last few days. “We have taken special care in the border districts in line with the situation in the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka,” Dr.Srinivasa Rao said. He spoke exclusively to ‘Direction’ about the latest situation in the state in the wake of increasing positive cases.

What precautions should students take as they become infected with the virus?

The virus spread to children and teachers after educational institutions started physical classes. That is why we are sending covid testing kits to every school. We are doing covid tests for students and teachers and We took many steps to prevent the virus.

What is being done to prevent the spread?

Children are carrying the virus with them to their homes as positive cases are coming out of schools. Nearly 90 percent of positive cases are asymptomatic. Children have a high level of immunity so they do not show any symptoms of the virus. There are opportunities for the elderly in the home to be infected by those who are passive carriers. Recognizing this, a large number of kits have been made available so that students can take the covid tests wherever they need them.

What is the situation in the border districts?

Maharashtra and Karnataka have the highest number of new cases. Telangana borders these two states and public traffic will be high from 2 states. That is why surveillance has been increased as well as covid testing is also increasingly underway. A week ago, an average of thousands of covid tests was played in the state and now it has doubled.

Looks like lockdown, curfew?

It is a policy decision taken by the government but as a doctor, Department of Public Health in Telangana Director Dr.Srinivasa Rao wants to give a bit of an explanation. Curfew and lockdown will not be necessary if people including those who have been vaccinated are required to wear a mask, keep social distance and keep their hands clean. The reason for this situation is that people are not responsible. Now, it is Dr.Srinivasa Rao opinion that almost no one follows the covid rules with the efforts of the government alone the absolute result will not come. That kind of cooperation and integrity is also needed from the people. People are wandering around with the feeling that the corona is gone. The rules were kicked in the bucket.

Is the number of cases likely to increase as much as in the past?

It depends on the behavior of the people. However, we did not leave any chance on behalf of the government. We follow three methods namely testing, tracing, and treating with this comes half control. With increased immunity in the population, the availability of the vaccine is somewhat reassuring.

Feel that the second wave has arrived?

Although not a second wave, such a situation exists. That would be in people’s hands. While there may be many explanations for the second wave, we do not yet have a community transmission. There is no need to be afraid of being a second wave but carelessness is useless. The government and the people must be vigilant.

Is there a need to worry even after the vaccine arrives?

The vaccine only works for the individual but not for society. People who have been vaccinated may not be infected with the virus. Can withstand entering the body. Only for them does the vaccine work like a shield but the virus that went into them can infect others. That is why the mask must be worn even after vaccination.

Does the center say the vaccine is too wasteful!

This is not correct. At the national level, an average of 7.5% is wasted while in Telangana it is only 0.76%. Less than one percent. The doses supplied so far will be known by looking at the number of people who have taken it. A closer look at the statistics of Telangana through the ‘Covin’ portal, or ‘E-Win’ portal created by the central government, will make it clearer. Waste has been very low in Telangana since the beginning of the vaccination process.

Why the difference between central calculations and state calculations?

The ‘CoWin’ portal has details of how many doses were delivered to the state. So far 9.93 lakh doses have been received. Of this, 9.43 lakh doses were given to healthcare workers and frontline warriors, according to the ‘CoWin’ dashboard. Another 42,000 doses were given to military and paramilitary forces. A few more doses are available near private hospitals. The central government probably did not take these calculations into account. That is why it is considered useless to see the difference between what is supplied and what is consumed.

Did you give these details to the center?

After the center told us about the vaccine wastage, we said in a video conference that it was not a correct calculation. We then wrote a letter to the Central Department of Health on behalf of the state government and sent the statistics.

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