Data Center‌ in Hyderabad‌

Data Center‌ in Hyderabad‌, expanding data center sector

Data Center‌ in Hyderabad‌, as the country expanding data center sector:

Data Center‌ in Hyderabad‌. Rachit Mohan, Head, Advisory Head, JLL India Data Center, a leading property consultant, said that cities like Hyderabad are becoming attractive in the country’s expanding data center sector. He said the importance of data centers was going to increase significantly, especially at a time when 5G services were becoming available. 

With this, there are expectations that the arrival of new centers will be more in Hyderabad, which is all the more convenient. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of increasing cloud services, digitization, and progressive legislation. 

As well as the importance of data localization amid the increasing use of smart devices. As a result, Mohan says, various national and international data center operators and developers are focusing on the domestic market. He said the data center industry in Mumbai and Chennai would grow further in the coming quarters, while in cities like Hyderabad and delhi NCR.

Rs 27,000 crore is required

JLLO estimates that it will invest about Rs 27,000 crore ($ 3.7 billion) in the development of 60 lakh square feet of space for the data center sector over the next three quarters. 

The Indian Data Center‌ industry expects to receive an additional 560 MW of capacity by 2021-23. He said 60 lakh square feet of land would need to be developed for the sector, which would require an investment of about Rs 27,000 crore. 

JLL said the industry currently has a capacity of 447 MW, up from an unprecedented 102 MW last year. Mohan said it was higher compared to major markets like Europe and America. In this context, he expressed confidence that the domestic data center sector would be able to achieve a capacity of 1,007 MW by 2023.

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