Cybercrimes are on rise in the name of Covid

Cybercrimes are on rise, online fraudsters are booming

Cybercrimes are on rise in the name of Covid: The online fraudsters are booming.

Cybercrimes are on rise as relying online on necessities during corona has further increased. Unable to exit due to lockdown. Corona sufferers who need medical treatment, medication, oxygen, food are seeking information and help as a social media platform. This is in addition to the fact that online fraudsters are booming.

Are messages coming to your mobile number in the name of the vaccine ..? Is anyone chatting on Facebook in the name of financial aid ..? Are you making offers that earn more with less investment ..? However, Cybercrimes are on rise. is it safe ..? No matter how tempting you are, you are bound to drown. Cyber ​​hackers who are cashing in on the corona period are horizontally looting quotes online. Frauds are also being committed in the name of vaccines.

A doctor from Vijayawada received a message during the night. A message came from his teacher that he was infected with corona and was being treated in hospital and asked to help financially. The doctor believed that the photo and details of the known teacher in the profile were true. Learned about the patient in the chat. Knowing that the other person was in danger, he sent 50 thousand rupees in installments. However, the doctor was fooled after talking to the teacher the next morning. The doctor was shocked when the teacher replied that he did not send messages or ask for money. The doctor, recovering from the shock, realized that he had been deceived. He realized that he had been deceived into believing, that the criminals who had created the fake profile had acted as if they were acquaintances.

A lady doctor from Secunderabad, she was also similarly deceived. One day a lady doctor got a message on Instagram. Click here for a summary of Doctor Jobs in Canada. She was anxious not to find anything beyond a good chance. The cybercriminals who cashed in on her hit almost Rs 10 lakh.

A businessman from Hyderabad hacked his mail and made Rs 23 lakh through fake email. Cybercriminals have created a fake email in the name of a businessman named Virendra Bandari. They said he was being treated at a hospital with Corona and emailed him to send him 23 lakh 60 thousand online. They forged his signature on a fake letterhead without the involvement of a trader and mailed it to Begumpet Axis Bank. Authorities transferred Rs 23 lakh 60 thousand to the three bank accounts mentioned by the cyber criminals after the signatures were matched. The next day he checked his bank account and found out that the transaction was done by a cyber hacker.

Another man from Hyderabad was similarly cheated. The cyber cheaters sent a fake letter to the bank stating that he was in the hospital and urgently needed to transfer Rs 5 lakh from his account. Kotak Mahindra Bank officials transferred Rs 5 lakh. The male victim, who was suspected of not having a balance in the bank account, approached the bank officials. He was shocked to learn what had happened. Cybercriminals turned to the police for help.

Meanwhile, the police are appealing to the people of the Telugu states to beware of the increasing number of online scams that support Corona’s plight.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

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