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Covid19 vaccination in India, Why do people die

Covid19 vaccination in India: Even if covid is vaccinated, why does the corona come ?? Why do people die of covid even after being vaccinated ?? Is it vaccine failure or human error ??

How Covid19 vaccination in India is done? What is the actual vaccine, what does it do.

The covid vaccine contains corona residues. covid’s genome structure. The structure teaches the immune system in our body to form a network that protects white blood cells from the coronavirus. Thus the immune system in our body i.e. the protective circuit is formed. 

I mean the thing to note here is that the vaccine here is not a medication. It is not the vaccine that stops the corona. It is not the vaccine that sets up the safety net. That’s just the formula, our body does the whole thing.

For example, before we build a house, we layout its structure. The engineer plans to use all his skill. Such a house should not be born. A house can be built only if good workers carefully arrange the house with good cement, good sand, etc. The house will collapse if the engineer does not plan the work properly.

The same thing happens with the Covid19 vaccination in India.

 Once the corona genome structure of the vaccine enters our body, it takes 14 days (whether the first dose or the second dose) for our body to build a protective barrier. The first rule is perfect blood circulation. I.e. blood intoxication, acidic blood, blood hypertension, should be taken care of without these. This is the most important of all.

  1. Do not turn outside at all. Sun and UV rays should not be touched at all. Antibodies that are slightly exposed to UV rays are more susceptible to damage.
  2. Another significant mistake people make. If you go out, If the signal goes off while riding the bike, if the side biker overtakes you. Any vehicle overturned on road. Even if someone on the road misbehaves with you. Which of the following causes a change in our blood circulation? Blood intoxication occurs. Immediately the antibodies are blown away.
  3. Next, we will go to our work spot. There is pressure in the conflict over work with those under us. BP ups and downs again. Again the white blood cells are damaged.

Now notice the damage caused by UV rays when going outside, the damage caused by hypertension on the road, the damage caused by stress during working hours. With so many blows our body tightens the curve. The negligence of not being able to vaccinate comes without our knowing it. 

The mask is rotated, without sanitizer, without adhering to social distance. At the same time, the corona reaches our stomach. Week breaks down the curve, occupying our body. By this time our immune system was completely out of hand, never again. 

Loses its capacity. Our white blood cells are made up of like soldiers who have fought 10 battles without proper nutrition. And on that stage, the man dies.

In the United States, there is counseling in the hospital for 2 hours after vaccination. can’t go out before that. That’s the protocol there. It says all these things in it. That is why they took post-vaccine care well. That is why the vaccine has been so successful in America.

There is no such counseling in our country. That is why our vaccines, which are stronger vaccines than in America, are also being infected with corona.

Please, everyone, remember one thing, the vaccine we have now is not made years ago. Made only a few months ago. It has no medical history yet. It is still a primary vaccine. It’s called the Alpha Stage. If the vaccine makes 20% of it, 80% of our body must do it. That is what we have to do ourselves.

Strong vaccines will come in a few years and then we will be able to come back as soon as the vaccine is given. But there is no such stage yet.

Please follow these instructions within 14 days of vaccination (first dose or second dose)

  1. Do not turn outside. Do not turn at all in the sun.
  2. Eat a moderate diet like milk, fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, leafy greens. Do not eat biryani pizza burgers. Digestion should always be eaten lightly.
  3. Do not take the medication that makes the blood acidic. It causes immediate damage to the immune system.
  4. Do not take any new medications or injections without your doctor’s advice.
  5. Keep in mind that the calmer our breath and our blood circulation, the better our body will tighten. Take care without tensions. Studies show that exercise, yoga, pranayama, and meditation build the immune system.

Don’t let these vaccines, which have been made by our government and many doctors at great expense, get a bad name and go to waste.

Come out with good immunity with 14 days of caution. Get rid of this epidemic by following social distance and using mask sanitizers.

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