Coronavirus infects complete family within one hour, said Dr. Srinivasa Rao

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Coronavirus infects complete family, Health Director Srinivasa Rao

Coronavirus infects complete family within one hour, said Telangana Health Director Srinivasa Rao:

Currently, if one member is infected by the corona in a family. Coronavirus infects complete family, the entire family will be infected within an hour, warns Telangana Health Director Srinivasa Rao. He said conditions in the state were dire. With the number of corona cases increasing day by day in the state Precautions to be taken Srinivasa Rao spoke at a media conference at Koti Hospital about corona control.

‘About 5,000 corona cases were reported yesterday. The virus has now gone public. The nations of the world are bowing to the corona. 100 years ago a virus called the Spanish flu swept the entire world. The virus killed 30 to 50 million people in the first wave. 2 to 7 crore people are reported to have died in the second wave. On March 24, 20 people from Maharashtra came to a district in Telangana for the festival. Another 30 Telangana people joined them then, on April 4, all of them tested positive for 34 of them. Since then, 433 people have been infected with the virus, including all of their contacts. This is the biggest outbreak in the state.

As of April 1, the corona positivity rate in Telangana was only 1.5. But, now that rate has risen to 2.98 percent. The virus also infects family members within hours. There were double mutations in the state. The number of tests was greatly increased. 

The number of people coming to primary health centers for tests has increased tremendously. As of September 3 last year, 18,230 beds had been used then the occupancy of the beds was only 40 percent. Currently, the number of corona beds in the state has been increased to 38,600. 

We are arranging to increase it to 53 thousand in the coming days. Private has 5000 oxygen beds and some large hospitals only have no beds. Eighty percent of Covid victims have no symptoms at all. We have set up 44 covid Care Centers with 5,000 beds. There is no shortage of ventilators, oxygen, beds, medicines, and staff in government hospitals. 

People should come to government hospitals and seek treatment. It is not advisable to overuse medications. Remindesiver should be used only on the advice of a doctor. Only those with moderate corona symptoms should use Remdesivir. 

For the next 6 to 8 weeks i.e. until June people should be careful. covid rules must be obeyed by everyone. The Lancet has previously said in its journal that the virus can also be spread through the air. Be careful even at home. We are vaccinating at over 1300 centers across the state.

There has been a shortage of vaccines in the state for the past two days. So far 28 lakh people got vaccinated. The first dose was completed for 25 lakh people. The second dose was also completed for another 3 lakh people. Yesterday alone, 1,700,000 people were vaccinated. Under the current circumstances, the state does not require lockdowns, night curfews, and weekend curfews. Lockdowns cause more deaths from starvation than from corona, ”said Srinivasa Rao, director of health.

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