Corona vaccine was administered to Speaker

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Corona vaccine was administered by Speaker

The first dose of corona vaccine was administered to Telangana State Legislative Assembly Speaker Sri Pocharam Srinivasa Reddy and Legislative Council Chairman Shri Gutta Sukhender Reddy. The first dose of the vaccine was administered today at NIMS Hospital as part of the second phase of vaccination. Mrs. Pushpa Garu, the wife of the Chairman, and Mrs. Arundhati, the wife of the Chairman were also vaccinated.

Afterward, Speaker Pocharam spoke to the media ….

The corona has caused millions of deaths, beginning in China and spreading worldwide. The world roared. Even superpowers like America could not do anything to find a vaccine for corona. But our biotech company in the state of Telangana was the first in the world to invent the vaccine and make it available. About 60% of the corona vaccines produced in the world are produced in Telangana. This is something we are all proud of.

I have been vaccinated today in their category for over sixty years. I took their covaxin vaccine from Bharat Biotech. It took half an hour to take, so far no side effects. People should not be misled about the corona vaccine. It is well in all respects.

The steps taken by the Telangana state government in the matter of corona binding are commendable. Corona deaths in the state of Telangana are much lower than the national average.

People should be vigilant despite wearing the vaccine, maintaining physical distance, and wearing masks. The Speaker lauded the efforts of the doctors, nurses, medical personnel, and the Police Department who have been fighting as front warriors from the very beginning in the ongoing battle against Corona. The Speaker especially lauded the media and journalists for being proactive in keeping the public alert on the Corona epidemic. Thanked the team that gave the vaccine.

Legislative Council Chairman Shri Gutta Sukhendar Reddy said.

The coronavirus has rocked the world.

People have suffered a lot due to the #Coronavirus

We are all proud to have discovered the corona vaccine of the Indian biotech company in the city of Hyderabad to bind the virus.

Thanks to the Central and State Governments for being the first to vaccinate medical staff and employees of other departments who are Corona Warriors

Today I and my wife, the speaker, and their wife were all taking the Covaxin vaccine.

Do not ignore the coronavirus whether the vaccine has arrived or not. The virus booms again. We need to be as careful now as we were in the past.

The third phase of the coronavirus has started again. Corona cases are on the rise again in five states.

 Some states, including Maharashtra, have been forced to lockdown again.

People must wear masks and use sanitizers

2 lakh people across the country have died due to corona so far. 7 thousand people have died due to the corona epidemic in our state.

The number of deaths in our state has been reduced due to the foresight of the Chief Minister to take appropriate action then and there forever.

Special thanks to the Corona Warriors who served the people during difficult times. And especially to the journalists. In the days when the name Coronavirus was mentioned, all the media brothers collected news without counting their lives.

We want all MLAs, MLCs, and public representatives to be vaccinated before the upcoming budget meetings.

It is misinformation that there are side effects from taking the vaccine. There are no side effects from taking the corona vaccine.

All the people of the state must also be vaccinated.

NIMS Director Dr. Manohar, Legislative Secretary. V Narasimha Charyulu, Nizamabad DCCB Chairman Shri Pocharam Bhaskar Reddy was present along with the Chairman and Chairman.

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