People Reduced journeys to corona second wave blow

Corona second wave blow, cab and auto drivers

People Reduced journeys to corona second wave blow: People in the state have stopped traveling due to fear of the corona second wave. They are not going on tours due to the sun along with the corona and not coming out if unless absolutely necessary. This is having a corona effect on cabs and autos again. People not traveling the RTC buses either. Trains are also not that much congested.

Corona has hurt the employment of cab and auto drivers. While falling in the groove right now. Meanwhile, the corona had an effect on them in the form of a second wave. Ola, Uber drivers stay 16 to 18 hours a day but bookings are not coming as Expected. The state has over one lakh cab drivers and up to 80,000 auto drivers. Prior to Corona, each cab driver used to earn between Rs 1,500 and Rs 2,000 per day.

At present drivers, income is concerned that even Rs. 500 will not be crossed per day. By the end of the month, banks and finance companies have been forced to pay installments, demand has fallen. Many cars were sold with the corona boom last year. Drivers say the corona has hit their jobs in the second waveform again as they think the situation will improve right now.

Last year, RTC buses were restricted to the depot for months due to the corona. The buses started again but initially, the RTC collection of Rs.1 crore did not even cross. After that, the passengers gradually showed interest in coming out and traveled on buses. So, authorities also increased the number of buses.

Until last month, RTC had a daily collection of over Rs 12 crore. The occupancy ratio (OR) ranged from 63 percent to 65 percent. The situation turned upside down again for days a week in the order in which the groove was falling. Passengers are hesitant to make the journey on buses for fear of a corona second wave. It is now priced at Rs. Only 10 crore collections are coming.

People are using their own vehicles for fear of corona spread. Many people bought vehicles during the Corona time, bought second-hand cars in particular. They believe that it is better to go in our own vehicle than to have a corona infection.

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