Corona effect in TSRTC

Corona effect in TSRTC, rising covid cases

Corona effect in TSRTC with rising covid cases in the state: The spread of the coronavirus has caused great hardship to the virtuous RTC. The corona second wave affects heavily on the Greater RTC. As many as 20 lakh buses ran daily till March, but in April their number dropped to 12 lakh. People are reluctant to travel in buses in the wake of rising covid cases. Of the 2,800 buses at 29 depots in the Greater Zone, only 60 percent are on the roads.

Depot managers say passenger occupancy has fallen to 35 percent from 55.6 percent in March due to the Corona effect in TSRTC. RTC staff said that buses were running only on busy routes in the morning and evening and there were no passengers on any of the routes after that. He said this would lead to the cancellation of bus trips on non-passenger routes.

Greater RTC is already reeling under a debt trap. In addition, with the Corona Second Wave, the number of passengers on buses decreased and the losses increased. Ordinary buses cost Coming to spend up to Rs.18. Officials say the buses will not run unless diesel costs are met. In the past, buses used to make 10 trips on routes with reduced passenger traffic, but now they are limited to 4 to 6 trips.

On the other hand, travelers from many places are facing difficulties as trips are declining. Passengers say it takes more than half an hour, for one bus to leave and another to arrive. Buses leave for the depot at 8.30 pm in the wake of the night curfew. Passengers complained that buses were not visible on the roads after 8.45 pm.

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Telangana Corona Emergency Contact Information:

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The Covid situation in India is worse, the World Health Organization is concerned
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