Missing Janasena symbol in the ballot paper. Controversy at the polling station

Controversy at the polling, MPTC ZPTC Elections

Controversy at the polling station of MPTC, ZPTC Elections:

In Andhra Pradesh, MPTC and ZPTC elections are going on but tensions are running high during the polling. As a result, polling has been stopped in some places for Controversy at the polling station. Tension prevails in Sarangi Nepali, Amalapuram zone, East Godavari district. Activists along with the party candidate expressed concern over the absence of Janasena’s mark on the ballot papers related to the MPTC election. Equipment at the polling station was vandalized in anger. With this, there was intense tension. Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services, and the army.

“Even the polling officials did not tell anything about missing the mark on the ballot paper. Trying to explain that this could have happened by mistake. An inquiry will be held into this. The candidate of the Janasena party is demanding justice for themselves. The appearance of ballot papers on social media in the Mummidivaram zone has caused a stir.

Meanwhile, a tense situation prevailed in Garapadu, Pedakurapadu zone of Guntur district. Clashes broke out between TDP and YSRCP activists. The two factions attacked each other with sticks then police dispersed the two factions. Tensions were high in Gonepudi in the Sathenapalli constituency after TDP agents and YCP activists obstructed voters and TDP leaders expressed concern that the police were also cooperating with the YCP.

Clashes broke out between the two factions when an Independent candidate objected to YCP agents in Mamuduru, Nellore district chasers zone. Authorities stopped polling. Agents attacked her after a female candidate objected to rowdy sheeters being cast as polling agents. Four women in the incident appear to have had injuries. Violence erupted at a polling station in Anti Peta village in the Sitanagaram zone of Vijayanagar district. The contestant was alarmed by the presence of the name of the candidate drawn on the ballot paper. Authorities postponed the polling to tomorrow.

Villagers boycott polling in Chittoor district’s Nindra Mandal Kelambakkam. When the authorities asked the villagers to cast their votes, it seems that they too were told to cast their votes as the TDP was not in the ring. At a polling booth in the Kadapa district, TDP candidate Rajeshwari was quoted as saying that he would be the polling agent. Polling was stopped for a while as Rajeshwari was obstructed by election staff. In a village with more than 400 votes in the district, only the votes of the MPTC candidate and his son were polled. The rest of the villagers abstained from voting.

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