A meeting of the Congress Working Committee today, will there be a result of self-examination?

Congress Working Committee today, party president Sonia Gandhi

A meeting of the Congress Working Committee today by party president Sonia Gandhi:

The Congress Working Committee is scheduled to meet today to review the results of the recent 5 state elections. The meeting, which will be chaired by party president Sonia Gandhi in delhi, will be followed by another introspection. 

Sonia said the party had performed poorly in the recent elections and did not think the results to be like this. That is why we are setting up a party working committee meeting on the 10th of this month for a comprehensive review, ”she told a party parliamentary party meeting on the 7th of this month, adding that we need to learn a lesson from these results. In the states of Kerala and Assam, the party has failed miserably in manipulating the anti-government vote. 

The LDF won in Kerala and the BJP in Assam. In Puducherry, Congress managed to win only two seats. Alliances with Left parties in Bengal were unsuccessful. The only hope for the party is the results of the Tamil Nadu elections. It has been able to break away from its enemy by allying with the DMK in that state. 

However, Sonia’s son, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was not interested in the Bengal election campaign. Participating in election campaign rallies in Kerala has almost never focused on Assam. On the occasion, senior party leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury reacted sharply to the party leadership. 

The leadership wants to get out of Twitter and Facebook. He wanted to take a serious introspection on the recent election results. Leaders like senior party leader Ghulam Nabi Azad and another leader Shashitharur also turned a blind eye. People like Kapil Sibal and Anand Sharma are indirectly commenting on the need to change the party leadership as before.

It is better not to talk about the situation of the Congress in the two Telugu states. In these circumstances, we have to wait and see what decisions the Congress Working Committee will take today.

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